Tuesday, October 03, 2006

***Let's Go...to TypePad***

Bistre Maven will be making its new home on Bistremaven.typepad.com Yup I've moved to the more reliable and trustworthy blogger company. I've been spending the last 2 days working on switching my sponsors, and will be sending out an all call shout, to inform everyone of the new move!

I can't wait to grow and expand on TypePad, so many options and affordable monthly subscriptions too.

I've decided to move because I am not able to reliably post pictures here***I mean hello, ya need pictures and not just when Blogger says it's ok, but when I do dangit! ...
but enoungh ranting.

C'mon over to my new spot...I will be at it again, after my son and I go to the park today* See ya soon!
In the meantime here is a pix of my little guy* (hmm this pix loaded....geeesh)

Monday, October 02, 2006

***Pictures Please***

Well because I'm new to this blogging thing, I'm wondering how does someone at one point upload pictures with ease but then can't the next day???

Seems that's what's going on! I'm having issues uploading pictures into my blog now, been having this problem since last night. I've looked in the "help" section with no avail, can't I just contact someone about it??? Geesh...looks like I'll be switching blogging hosts...Man just when I got the hang of it all too.

Well if I do switch you all will surely know...and if anyone knows why this is happening please shoot me an email telling me how to correct this!

But the good news is I'm lining up some good features and finds...stay tuned!*

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Let's Do Glaze**

Do you ever walk by someone and they smell simply divine? Well I'm always envious of that girl... you stop her and ask "what are you wearing" and her reply most likely will be "oh I'm wearing Body Glaze, by Bella Lucce".

I've had the hardest time trying to find a moisturizer that stuck with me...ya know create that mmm she smells good after affect when you've walked by like 10 minutes ago. Until now...yay! I've recently had the splendid opportunity to experience the Tahitian Body Glaze by Bella Lucce, can you say sumptuous body glaze with the right amount of natural Pure Monoi de Tahiti oil and tropical flower essence. I'm sure it's the flower essence that goes to work to keep your skin supple and smellin' so fantastic.

Not to mention the glass corked bottle has a beautiful flower imprinted right into it. I'm not one to get into girly bath products...not because I don't want to I just don't get the time to anymore...with baby, business, hubby, school and work, time just isn't something I get too much of these days. But this little bit of luxury is enough to make me feel like I am gettin' my dose of the girly treatment that we all deserve!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Are you a ghost sale victim?

Well in my efforts to offer customers of Spipo Designs a unique turn on the personalized charm necklace, it seems that my option block and check out process isn't as seemless as I would like. Thank goodness I'm in the mix right now of giving Spipo Designs a much deserved face lift/Zen cart optimization.

As it seems there have been great interest in the necklace you see above...only problemo is that my customers have been selecting their letter, but not checking out, "read" I'm not getting their information to process their order. But thanks to my trusty website hosting company, I am getting random emails with just a letter in the body...geesh. No email address to reply to their request...no name nothing!!! Arrrgggh.

It's like the Cingular commercials when the "other" networks "DROP MY CALLS" "HELLO?"... So anyway I've tried to update the necklaces page to let these poor customers know that I haven't gotten their complete order, but looks like it's a shot in the dark, but hey I'm optimistic.

Are you a Ghost "Swanky J" customer....PLEASE LET ME MAKE IT UP TO YOU!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Moooving Art**

So even though my son is not old enough to appreciate the wonderful world of the crayon, I can sure appreciate the innovation and coolness of the Art Folios on Teacups and Tadpoles. You can tote the crayons in style now and ditch the old cardboard box, that is soo passe. And you can even get them in different patterns and colors. You'll want to grab at least a few to share with all your other cool mommy's, trust me they'll thank you for it.

I'ma Fan of Yellow Can Ya Tell?

So they say that yellow is the color that can brighten your day or your mood. I can agree with that, I've had an affair with yellow since I can remember. Yellow bedroom, dresser, paint, clothes yada yada. It's been my fav forever. So when I come across anything super cute and yellow...well it's gonna make the Bistre Maven Uber Cool list. This handcrafted vintage inspired beauty is well just lovely. I love the little ball knobby things to open it, and the Toscanella stamp just gives it a certain bit of panache. Hey do ya think toting this little gem will bring some sunshine to what's inside??? We can only hope.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Got Speed??

Ok so since becoming a mommy I don't get too many selfish, indulgences too often but my Subaru WRX is my one thing of guilty pleasure I still have left. Now I know you're probably saying, "ok but how does this tie into you Bistre Maven blog?" Well I'll tell ya. Bistre Maven is for the Diverse, Modern woman. That includes all those misrepresented racer chics out there too. Now granted my car is not built by a team of women, but it's perfect for us. It can haul groceries if needed, but get you there in zippy, fun flair. It looks slower than it is, so you can reville in the surprise factor when you blow men away as they eat your dust. Now mind you this is all done sans baby, no I don't race around with my Wolfe in the back, but when I'm alone for infrequent jaunts, I enjoy my little pocket rocket and reminisce of those old carefree days.